New ways
of helping patients fight cancer

About us

Apmonia Therapeutics is a biotech company committed to develop therapeutic strategies towards multiple types of cancer. 

We are developing a first-in-class pipeline of next-generation peptide-based therapies targeting the tumor microenvironment to improve the lives of patients with cancer.

Mission & Vision

We are a team of science, development and business professionals committed to transform breakthrough scientific discoveries into innovative pharmaceutical therapies. Our corporate values are based on integrity, knowledge, innovation and teamwork in the purpose of delivering transformational outcomes for people with cancer.


Our R&D platform is backed by acknowledged expertise on extracellular matrix biology together with deep molecular modeling and in-house screening processes, thereby allowing engineering of optimized drug candidates for human health, with an emphasis on immuno-oncology. 


Apmonia Therapeutics’ lead program (AP-01) is a cyclic peptide targeting TSP-1 (a ligand of CD47 receptor) across various tumor indications with high unmet medical needs. Meanwhile, other promising programs are on track targeting extracellular matrix components.



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