Fournier-Majoie Foundation

The Foundation was born in 2007 from Dr. Bernard Majoie’s firm belief that far too many promising scientific studies in the field of oncology fail to translate from bench to bedside due to a lack of adequate financial support and managerial oversight. He decided to put the experience gained as chairman of the Board of Laboratoires Fournier to good use helping researchers with an entrepreneurial spirit. He calls it “giving back to the community”. As Venture Philanthropists, we combine sustained giving with the best business practices to save cancer patients. The Foundation provides researchers-finders with resources and skills to help them to bring their oncological research projects to a successful conclusion.

Capital Grand-Est

Capital Grand Est is an independent regional private equity company approved by the French Financial Markets Authority. Since 2012, the team of 10 employees of Capital Grand Est has supported more than 60 companies in both Grand Est and Bourgogne Franche Comté regions. With nearly €200 million assets under management over 5 investment vehicles, Capital Grand Est structures capital operations to support and accelerate the success of companies across different markets, industries and stages of development, from seed funding to capital-development operations to accelerate their growth, or capital-transmission operations to accompany their capital evolution. 


Involved with entrepreneurs, FINOVAM GESTION aims to accompany them during the early stages of their project. With its recognized experience in venture capital, Finovam Gestion puts its expertise and its network at the service of innovative companies to promote their emergence and success in 5 key sectors: bioeconomy, health & biotechnologies, industry of the future, IT and energy transition.

Key figures: €100M under management through four investment funds, 60 investments in the Hauts-de-France, Grand Est and Bourgogne Franche-Comté Regions, 4 offices in Lille, Amiens, Metz and Dijon.

FINOVAM GESTION, the leading player in early-stage venture capital in North-East France.

Angels Santé

First European Business Angel network dedicated to healthcare. Angels Santé is at the heart of healthcare early stage funding.
Based in France, Angels Santé is also a key player in Europe as it is a member of both European Business Angels federations : Business Angels Europe (BAE) et European Business Angels Network (EBAN). It also leads the program EIT Health Investor Network, a pan European network of healthcare investors.

Angels Santé aims to :

  • Scout European innovative startups meeting the healthcare system’s most important needs through solutions offering real medical benefit while being economically responsible.
  • Support them during the early stage phase by providing funds and expertise from its members.
  • Gather and federate other generalists Business Angels networks around its investment decisions.

Public supports

Bpi France

Bpi France is the French national investment bank. As an essential source of competitiveness, innovation is one of Bpi France’s priorities.

Région Grand Est

Beyond its natural position as a gateway to Europe, Région Grand-Est offers a complete and effective support service for start-ups, in liaison with the regional innovation ecosystem.

Academic partnerships

Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Over 30 research institutes together with top-level technological platforms (including ROMEO computing center) makes URCA a leading partner for innovative companies.


One of the world’s leading research institutions, the French National Centre for Scientific Research is also a constant source of innovation founded on scientific excellence.

Gustave Roussy Institute

Gustave Roussy is the premier European Cancer Centre. It looks to place innovation at the heart of a human, scientific and technological revolution in the fight against cancer.

Our network

BioValley France

As a French world-class cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, BioValley France is the one-stop contact to optimize any R&D development or business project in Europe.


Medicen global competitiveness cluster aims to position the Paris Region as a European industrial leader in leading-edge health technologies.


Unique in Europe, MATWIN (Maturation & Accelerating Translation With INdustry) is an open-innovation platform that aims at developing translational research in oncology and accelerating innovation transfer from bench to bedside.


Member of SEMIA network, Innovact incubator works with entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to market and helps make them economically viable.